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Drawings under the influence of LSD

These nine drawings were done by an artist under the influence of LSD – part of test conducted by the US government during it’ s dalliance with psychotomimetic drugs in the late 1950s.

The artist was given a dose of LSD 25 and free access to an activity box full of crayons and pencils. His subject is the medico that jabbed him.


^ First drawing is done 20 minutes after the first dose (50µg).

An attending doctor observes – Patient chooses to start drawing with charcoal.

The subject of the experiment reports – “Condition normal.. no effect from the drug yet.”


^ 85 minutes after the first dose and 20 minutes after the second dose has been administered (50µg + 50µg).

The patient seems euphoric.

“I can see you clearly, so clearly. This … you … it’ s all.. I am having a little trouble controlling the pencil. It seems to want to keep going.”


^ 2 hours and 30 minutes after the first dose.

Patient appears very focused on the business of drawing.

“Outlines seem normal, but very vivid – everything is changing colour. My hand must follow the bold sweep of the lines. I feel as if my consciousness situated in the part of my body that’ s now active – my hand.. my elbow.. my tongue.”


^ 2 hours and 32 minutes after first dose.

Patient seems gripped by his pad of paper.

“I am trying another drawing. The outlines of the model are normal, but now those of my drawing are not. The outline of my hand is going weird, too. It’s not a very good drawing, is it? I give – I’ll try again…”


^ 2 hours and 35 minutes after first dose.

Patient follows quickly with another drawing.

“I’ll do a drawing in one flourish.. without stopping . .one line, no break!”

Upon completing the drawing, the patient starts laughing, then becomes startled by something on the floor.


^ 2 hours and 45 minutes after first dose.

Patient tries to climb into activity box, and is generally agitated – responds slowly to the suggestion he might like to draw some more.

He has become largely non-verbal.

“I am everything is…changed…they are calling..your face..interwoven..who is..”.

Patient mumbles inaudibly to a tune (sounds like “Thanks for the Memory”. He changes medium to Tempera.


^ 4 hours and 25 minutes after first dose.

Patient retreated to the bunk, spending approximately 2 hours lying, waving his hands in the air. His return to the activity box is sudden and deliberate, changing media to pen and water colour.

“This will be the best drawing, like the first one, only better. If I am not careful, I ll lose control of movements, but I won’t because I know. I know.” (This saying is then repeated many times.)

Patient makes the last half a dozen strokes of the drawing while running back and forth across the room.


^ 5 hours and 45 minutes after the first dose.

Patient continues to move about the room, intersecting the space in complex variations. It’ s an hour and a half before he settles down to draw again – he appears over the effects of the drug.

“I can feel my knees again, I think it’ s starting to wear off. This is a pretty good drawing – this pencil is mighty hard to hold.” (He is holding a crayon.)


^ 8 hours after first dose.

Patient sits on bunk bed. He reports the intoxication has worn off, except for the occasional distorting of our faces. We ask for a final drawing, which he performs with little enthusiasm.

“I have nothing to say about this last drawing. It is bad and uninteresting. I want to go home now.”


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Comment by ii
2008-03-25 09:59:43

this is almost tragic. i mean i know the feeling when your mind work seems to be so brilliant, so unique, you feel like this is the best thing you did in life. and the next morning you look at it, and it is nothing like it seemed before, blank and usual.

Comment by Jake
2008-04-21 13:28:41

why is that a bad thing?

the ability to be able to see something differently without it really changing evokes change in you equally as subtle. The idea that seeing something differently leaves no change with you is shortsighted. Its a journey and and experience that man has over us. the tragedy is you seeing it like that.

Comment by Emrah
2008-04-27 12:40:56

Great comment ;) It doesn’t really make sense when you’re sober, ‘cuz you’re back on the regular frequency…

Comment by one of the enlightened few
2008-05-02 08:17:47

lsd is a can opener, and your brain is a can

Comment by francisonline
2008-10-27 06:09:03

couldnt’ve put it better myself

Comment by Paul Ley
2008-11-01 11:34:20


Comment by scopey
2008-11-03 10:43:30

LSD is not natural, it is synthetic. And to the first comment, the more abstract pictures here are the more interesting imo.

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Comment by Emrah
2008-11-09 14:16:03

It’s actually semi-synthetic, considering you have to have natural ergot, then treat it to have LSD, unless you wanna consume it as it is and have gangrene :P

Comment by dalm
2009-12-16 21:22:30

it is synthetic since it uses molecules in ergot to be synthesized. Diethylamide i think and LSA

Comment by rocksprites
2008-12-17 21:53:01

I think by that comment he meant LSD opens your mind. It was a positive comment about LSD.

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Comment by jay
2008-05-05 14:48:35

I am the same under the influence of drugs while writing music. You are into it, then the emotion just puts you through a loop hole. Very very interesting, like everyone else, I am amazed. But not surprised.

Comment by dude
2008-05-15 03:00:53

such is art.

Comment by Rupert
2008-06-01 16:36:26

The only thing which may make this tragic, is the doctors abuse of someone in that state. This guy was clearly lost in his own reality, & the doctors presence, likely increased this withdrawal into himself. He even states he can feel his subconscious in his tongue, hand, whatever; these are thoughts one has when they are alone, confused, & possibly frightened. He was a “test subject”, and others experiences with LSD would likely be quite different in a positive, friendly environment.
As long as the subject later experimented on his own in a healthier surrounding, THERE IS NO TRAGEDY!! ANOTHER OPEN MIND!!

-Peace & Love

Comment by Shannon Morris
2008-06-30 14:27:07

And the result are great artistically!


Comment by Shawn
2008-04-07 00:32:52

The drawings beginning at 2hrs, 45min. are really interesting. They seem, to me, much more evocative and expressive than the straight forward portraits–though I think that the portraits are well drawn. My favorite is the one at 4hrs, 25min.
Thanks for posting these!

Comment by Aaron
2008-04-11 09:37:42

I have to admit, I agree with Shawn on this one. The ones starting after the 2 hour mark are really very interesting. Perhaps the influence of the drug is allowing the artist to focus on different aspects of the subject? Interesting experiment. I’d love to see the same experiment done with a musician, only with marked recordings of that musician. Should be equally as interesting.

Comment by Levi
2008-04-11 15:50:56

Just go to the nearest record store and pick up a Jimi Hendrix album.

Comment by zach
2008-04-12 20:55:40

listen to some beatles music, starting with the song ‘i am the walrus’

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Comment by Nicole
2008-04-17 23:07:54

i agree. i am a musician and sound engineer and before reading about this experiment, i’d had the same idea. it would be very interesting

Comment by Zach
2008-04-26 06:10:17

well every time I take lsd I end up playing my guitar for like 4 hrs. It can really help you come up with some cool stuff and different styles.

Comment by hello
2008-04-27 20:18:44

Musicians on LSD are equally interesting. I was with a friend who was playing guitar while coming up on a couple hits, and the music kept getting better at evoking emotion. It was pretty cool.

Comment by Mark
2008-04-07 07:52:17

first time i have seen a drawing by an artist under the influence of lsd. i agree with ii when he says that while high many things seem wonderful when high , even photographs taken of cloud formations and sunsets, but the next day, it is back to normality.

Comment by Pritot Ekili
2008-11-13 16:27:05

you don’t get “high” off lsd- you go on a journey. don’t lump it in with other, recreational, drugs that serve no purpose but to entertain…

Comment by shaun ryder
2009-08-13 12:40:51

a journey ?? wonder is that why they call it a trip ?? when a group of you all take blotters , mushroom ,peyote together you all seem to be in a state of telekinesis so when playin ,jammin with instruments you all feel that connection some wonderful music has come from this yes he was a test subject but i guarantee that if one was to be in the same higher state that the most abstract of portraits would look perfect ecstasy did not get the same desired effect for a little group i put together (happy mondays). dont knock it till ya tried it ……its got a be a loose fit ..would easily been singing its gotta be a good trip ..any way its dare

Comment by Susan
2008-04-07 08:03:26

This is very scary to see, the mind abused for “Art”. I wonder if the person being subjected to this drug induced state has any long term negative effects (flashbacks, night terrors, paranoia ) The brain is a remarkable organ and can overcome abuse of all kinds, but self induced abuse I will never understand. How old was this “test subject” and will there be any follow up for them. Were they given compensation for damage done? What motivated this person to undergo the potential risk? I hope this world can see this and be warned that our brains are something to be respected and guarded.

Comment by Ryan
2008-04-07 09:35:02

Thats right Susan, believe whatever nonsense your government has told you. Nothing you have said is true. ‘Flashbacks, night terrors and paranoia’…wake up. You don’t have the slightest clue.

Comment by Alex
2008-04-07 16:46:25

Though Susan is silly and does not know what she’s talking about, you guys are hardly being enlightened and hip. Ryan, you might be more clueless than she is, if you think that some people don’t experience negative effects days, weeks, months, or years after a bad trip. Do you know what a bad trip is? Well, I know for a fact that you don’t since you can’t conceive of the possibility that some people don’t react positively to ‘cid. PEACE EASY, YOU MOTHErFUCKERS!!!!!!!!##*&!@!

Comment by John
2008-04-07 23:13:57

Bad trips happen to ignorant people who misuse the drug. If you are well read and careful when using it then it is highly unlikely that things will go badly enough to cause you any long term negative damage. Treat it with respect and go to nature!

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Comment by David
2008-04-10 21:26:55

I have only seen one person have a bad trip on some dose. Shrooms, on the other hand, are a different story…

Comment by none ya
2008-04-14 01:37:26

I hate to break it to you, but I endured a horrific trip on 5 grams of potent mushrooms once and still feel ill thinking about some of the things I went through that night. I used to think drugs were safe and that all the government ‘propaganda’ was bull, but after nearly 10 years of experimenting with everything I can say that even the most ‘harmless’ drug marijuana has had horrible effects on some people. I’m not saying that marijuana will do permanent damage to a person, but don’t assume that everyone reacts the same way to drugs.

Comment by shawn
2008-04-14 18:45:52

haha you people are hilarious. arguing about who is smarter when you are the fools subjecting yourselves to these things. there is no good way or informed way of using a drug

Comment by Pyratbabe
2008-04-16 13:32:28

That’s right, be sure to stay away from the aspirin and give the coffee pot a wide berth, too. Sheesh!

Comment by Anita
2008-04-20 21:55:09

Good one! hahahahaha!
I took lots of acid in the 60’s and 70’s. MDA , peyote and mushrooms, too.
Acid was kinda freaky but the way it opened my head and showed me sooo many other dimensions of reality going on at once. Now quantum just supports it…
I like you sense of humor. In the end ya gotta laugh.

Comment by Anita
2008-04-20 22:02:51

By the way – I am someone who has been there, done that, and I was howling at the description: “Patient makes the last half a dozen strokes of the drawing while running back and forth across the room.”
He was obviously peaking at this point. The portrait shows it as well.
Very Funny! Susan – you sound like you are over-reacting a bit, but you are right to have concerns. In the end, we are all responsible for ourselves. I don’t regret it for one minute.

Comment by Zach
2008-04-26 06:14:10

yeah that thing about quantum physics is crazy. Some of the stuff that they have found you can actually see while you’re tripping.

Comment by Clay
2008-04-07 16:18:14

Sounds like you are completely ignorant on this subject, Suzy.

Comment by wraith
2008-04-08 00:09:22

You know nothing of drugs, do you? It irritates me to read comments like this one. Please think for yourself and read up on the effects of psychedelics. That’s the problem with this world, lack of important education.

Comment by Alfie
2008-04-22 08:59:55

I don’t believe that a wide knowledge of intoxicants is ‘important education’.

Comment by Chris
2008-04-23 21:53:26

Every knowledge is important. In the end, knowledge is all we really have

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Comment by Bushido89
2008-05-04 19:28:16

While I agree with you, I’ll play devil’s advocate and say a step by step guide (Manhunt style) as to how to kill people with household objects isn’t important…

Comment by tym
2008-10-31 08:26:41

it is ignornant as hell, regardless of what side your moral opinion is, to say drug education isnt important, are you kidding me? intoxicants, are you completely retarded? almost everything has a lethal dose and everything you consume or intake has an effect on your mental chemistry, choosing to ignore the important effect the things around you have on your brain is becoming a slave to your emotions.

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Comment by Urza
2009-12-08 22:24:07

Knowledge about intoxicants isn’t important?
Ok so I guess all those years of health class talking about tobacco and alcohol, about asprin and cough syrup and vicodin…none of that matters at all, huh?
I mean, saying you shouldn’t learn anything about _any_ drugs is flat out batshit insane. You shouldn’t know what drugs to take if you have a headache? Or if you have the flu? You shouldn’t know what drugs might make you vomit, what drugs will interact negatively? If two different doctors prescribe me two different pills I shouldn’t bother to mention the other drugs I’m taking or see if there will be any interaction? Yea, that makes a _whole_ lot of sense.
As for the illegal drugs – well what the hell’s the difference? A drug is a drug. EVEN IF we say that marijuana has no legitimate medicinal uses (which is flat out false), so what? Neither does Botox. Hell I don’t think Asprin or any of the low-grade pain relievers really do either – I mean other than the potential for asprin to help with a heart attack, they’re really just drugs to make you feel better. Drugs to make you happy. Which is pretty much the definition of recreational use.

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Comment by LSD flashback victim
2008-04-10 19:47:42

you are dumb

Comment by uhjg
2008-04-10 21:50:12


Comment by Jeff
2010-08-17 01:41:40

And you’re a crude and boorish dolt.

Comment by Mattie
2008-04-11 03:00:52

Acid causing flashbacks is a myth.

Comment by Whatever
2008-04-13 18:07:37

Acid flashbacks a myth obviously you’ve never had to chance a guy who sudenly believed he was being chased by bees through the mountains trying to keep him from falling off a cliff acid flashback or not it was crazy

Comment by tym
2008-10-31 08:33:08

flashbacks happen when someone remembers something traumatic or extreme, and are definitely not ’caused’ by acid, rather they can be but are also caused by a wide range of stimuli… its insane when people talk about the acid still being in your system or spine…. i find it frightening that people take the stuff without fully understanding it…. always, and i mean always do your research and trust your source.

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Comment by Me
2008-11-23 21:03:06

I disagree. Once in a while I’ll be sure that little bugs, like fruit flies or small mosquitos are swarming around my head and in my hair when they aren’t.

i know it came from an acid trip where two of my friends and i were sitting in my car at a festival and i looked up and all i could see was a heavy layer of mosquitos covering the ceiling. it took my friend to point out the ONE bug that was ACTUALLY there to calm me down.

myth? no. maybe flashbacks have different intensities for different people based on their different dosings/frequency/ etc?

Comment by Bam
2008-04-11 23:31:28

Next time please keep your thoughts to yourself.

Comment by kate
2008-04-26 04:31:16

two words, free speech.

its actually pretty simply here kids. Anything you put in your body, from food, to prescriptions, to soft drugs like alcohol to harder ones like lsd should be respected. your body and mind should be respected. All of them can have positive and negative effects. in the case of lsd the positive effects are putting another filter on the word enabing you to see it from another angle and thus gain huge insights relatively easily. the possible negative effects are as varied as the bad thoughts a person can have but with a very strong mind and respect for the drug these can be overcome, either while tripping or later. the other negative effect is the possibility of flashbacks.

a few tricks for tripping safely:
set and setting – leary’s infamous rule, to ensure a good trip make sure your mind set is good and so is the environment around u, close friends is best
if you start going down the wrong rabbit hole:
eat an orange – ive heard vit c is good at flushing things out of your system the main point of this one is you have to FOCUS hard on peeling and eating it and not making it a big squishy orangy mess!
go for a walk – (change of setting means change of mind)
be outside – wavy hallucinations in right angled rooms can make your body slightly sea sick and perhaps a bit claustophobic which will be expressed in your thoughts
focus on the distance between you thumb and finger, how long is it in inches? how long in millimeters? how long in cells? how long to a giant? how long to a bug? again the crucial part here is FOCUS on something else.
avoid the loop hole. – even the best thoughts can become to much if its all u think about, so allow your mind to wander, focus on other things or move around.
all of these come back to set and setting
hope this helps as it has definately helped me and people ive been with, please add other ideas if uve had any
love and light

Comment by Judah
2008-04-30 17:38:25

I think oranges actually help induce tripping, something about them having psychoactive properties. I drank a big carton of orange juice during a few hits and was tripping for about 24 hours or so.

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Comment by scopey
2008-11-03 10:51:34

The vitamin C excites your brain which can cause the trip to be more intense.

Comment by steev
2010-11-01 08:01:17

Actually huge doses of vitamin C,used to be thought,once upon a time,to ease the effects of a bad trip.I don’t think it was ever proven one way or the other though.

Comment by Josh
2008-04-13 19:21:20

I don’t regret taking mind altering drugs, I wouldn’t know about the underpants gnomes if I hadn’t.

Comment by Anita
2008-04-20 22:07:17

All you guys are so funny I don’t even NEED any drugs…haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha haha!!!!

Comment by Colonel Angus
2008-05-02 13:53:05

I thought I was the only one who noticed the underpants gnomes. I was keeping the secret. Now, you’ve gone and spilled the hallarious truth of those prankster little guys.

Comment by Syd
2008-10-31 11:16:04

you are my hero.

Comment by Sam
2008-04-17 19:52:23

You are an idiot. This test was done in the 60’s and if you did any research at all you would know what happened, and how “dangerous” LSD actually is. I’ll just assume from your comment that you are a sheep lost from the flock. Go back to stumbling bible quotes

Comment by Kevin
2008-04-21 11:29:11

susan, it all depends on how you take it, i believe our brains are something to be respected by letting it experience things most people will never stand.

Comment by sid
2008-04-07 08:11:16

Dude, susan. Think of it this way. FREE LSD!!

Comment by David
2008-04-10 21:27:37


Comment by John
2008-04-07 08:39:41

Haha, “night terrors”. Susan please don’t talk out of your ass. The stigma surrounding LSD and hallucinogens in general is way worse then the reality of it. Maybe you should try it and judge for yourself instead of believing hype. I am about 2 semesters away from getting an aerospace degree from VT and have tried LSD over 10 times.. The closest thing to a paranoid flashback I’ve had has been a pleasant memory of hiking through the woods under the influence. My experiences with LSD have greatly increased my awareness, and have made me more thrilled to be alive. Go back to your booze! Ill keep trying to turn myself into a glass of orange juice..

Comment by mee
2008-04-07 09:26:22

yeah, keep your mind open, dont think you’ll know what will happen just becouse you heard about “research” done by people who’d already have an opinion and will make the results clear in the way they want to

Comment by Greg
2008-04-07 10:15:37

Take it easy on her. I’m sure she has never tried anything she wasn’t supposed to but that goes for a large number of people. Especially in this country. We have such puritanical values and espouse freedom. You cant blame her for the will of the society.

Comment by Greg
2008-04-07 10:17:39

Also many of these government studies were done on soldiers. They cannot sue or get compensation easily Sue….even if they were harmed, which i doubt they were longterm anyway.

Comment by Daniel Edwards
2008-04-07 10:25:44

Susan dear, you obviously have little clue what you are talking about. I would not pretend to have taken LSD, but the reasons these experiments were done by the american government was to understand whether the new drug had any practical use, which it has done for some psychological uses.

They thought that the risks out weighed the possible positives, fair enough. But don’t go giving everyone a load of crap. It has negative effects but the positives are there to. Personally, I wouldn’t want to do it myself, however, I can see it being a great experience.

2008-04-07 11:02:38

[…] 2 – ik slik LSD en teken steeds bizarder […]

Comment by nikkitine
2008-04-07 15:34:17

god, i love how his style changes so dramatically as time goes on…i expected to look at this and see them getting progressively more abstract…but so much more happens! it looks like a series of drawings by different artists on the same subject. fascinating!

Comment by Kyle
2008-04-07 16:11:19

Susan doesn’t have a clue, and LSD does not damage the brain. That is a myth, LSD opens the mind, and is the one of the safest drugs. Susan has obviously never been outside the box, and stepped into reality.

Comment by Forthac
2008-04-07 17:03:52

LSD has a number of positive benefits, as well is a fascinating chemical. As to susan’s comment, most of what she said is fairly ignorant and reminiscent of a person recently indoctrinated into the “drugs are bad” propaganda. I’m also not going to pretend to have first hand experience with these drugs, however all of the currently available research shows that of its effects, the only two possible chronic conditions are HPPD(flashbacks), and psychosis. It should be noted that HPPD has never been shown to have an actual casual link to LSD use itself, and of three studies done on volunteers and 2 sets of psychotherapy patients, the prevalence was as low as .8 per 1000 individuals to as high as 9 per 1000 individuals.

My point is, have a brain and think for yourself.

Comment by tym
2008-10-31 08:49:55

ive met many people who ate many many tabs many many times and still havent met anyone whos had a flashback. havent had one,ive known people that just tripped repeaditdly for an extended period of time, it can warp your perception…. definitely need to let that stuff sink in and process it. its not reality, its a hallucination, when you think youve figured everything out its a great feeling, and then remember your hallucinating so dont bet the farm on your new found wisdom,write it down its usually good for a laugh…. for me i cant ignore the fact that all we know and experience is our perception, using your mind you have the power to alter your own perception, largely through discipline, but also by intaking certain substances your existence changes, i find the concept of expanding the range of your perception beautiful, its like looking through someone elses eyes. or something elses…
acid is awesome, but when i say substances i mean everything…. your diet affects you as a person like crazy…. even food is a drug dont be a fool., read the about

Comment by Vic
2008-04-07 18:44:59

I’m still waiting on my flashbacks, wish they’d hurry up and get here!!

Comment by Colonel Angus
2008-05-02 13:59:59

vic, they LIED to you. I did LSD maybe 20 times in my life (years ago I might add) and have NEVER even so much as thought I was getting a flashback.
what a GYP!

Comment by drJ
2008-04-07 19:08:47

There are those of us who have tried it and liked it. There are those of us who have tried it and NOT liked it. I’m of the latter clan. Who am I to make a judgement as to whether it’s wrong? If the people who like it die early and happy, that’s fine.

Just who are you, susan, to tell them what is right and wrong? Who’s keeping score, and who cares?

Comment by ralf
2009-04-04 13:35:45

Albert Hofman, first synthesized LSD in 1943. throughout his life, he dropped acid about once a month, Albert Hofman passed away last year at the age 102 of very much natural causes. On a side note, LSD acts on a small gland at the base of the brain, this gland acts as our reality “filter” when on LSD your brain processes an EXPONENTIALLY larger amount of information, LSD really does, scientifically, make you observe and experience the closest thing any of us will come to true reality. further more, and you can look this up, LSD is considered one of the least toxic substances known to man.

Comment by John
2009-06-28 21:51:21

Thank you Ralf. I’ve been waiting for someone to finally say something intelligent. Bill Hicks once said “You never hear the good stories about peoples LSD experiences, always the bad”. You are entitled to your own opinions but please don’t make your decision based on what other morons have to say. Majority of the negative things you hear about psychedelics is a lie to scare people to get one step closer to prohibition. I leave you with one word of wisdom “Moderation”. Where the fuck can i get some acid…its been toooooo long!

Comment by Anonymous
2008-04-07 19:33:18

@all the people who claim flashbacks don’t happen, explain that to my friend who almost gets fired from his teaching job from them when he hasn’t used LSD in over 25 years.

Comment by wraith
2008-04-08 00:16:15

Do you think it might be possible that these “flash backs” could have been caused by something other that the LSD taken 25 years ago? I mean, to relate flashbacks to drugs when they haven’t taken in 25 years, is ridiculous and irritating.

Comment by My Name
2008-04-08 15:05:41

“@all the people who claim flashbacks don’t happen, explain that to my friend who almost gets fired from his teaching job from them when he hasn’t used LSD in over 25 years”

I am 41 years old and I have never had flashbacks. I regularly dropped 3 hits or more at a time. I ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! spiders help me!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously there are people like your friend who would have had problems with or withotu the drugs. The drugs just gave them an excuse for their delusions and paranoia.

Comment by Anonymous
2009-01-17 17:59:16

I see what you did there.

Comment by Kevin
2008-04-24 15:39:26

Your body completely changes all of its cells every seven years, you are made up of completely different matter! Isnt that ineresting? The only thing that stays with us is knowledge. Thats why its so important, because its all we really have!

Comment by Craig
2008-04-26 09:29:30

Is this something you heard? Do some study in Immunology and you will find that statement to be ridiculous. People who have been given vaccinations early in life still have a good resistance. This is due to memory B cells and memory T cells. They can live decades.

Also look into reading a book on Microbiology and see what a lipofuscin granule is. These are in the lysosome of old cells and contain the products that it was unable to break down, mostly cell membrane breakdown products.

If you aren’t yet convinced read some Neurobiology, and realize that there are neurons in your body with cell bodies in your head that have axons that extend to your toes. A single cell longer than you are tall. This cell is NEVER replaced and stays with your until you are old. As they age you lose things like balance because some of them die and others can’t communicate at a high rate anymore due to partial demyelination.

Go through these things, then tell me every molecule in your body is changed in 7 years, and I will listen. I am excited to hear how exactly that works.

Comment by skeptic1000
2008-04-29 15:14:21

I think he may have been confusing “every cell” with “every skin cell”. I remember hearing an interesting fact about how often our skin is entirely replaced.

(Comments won't nest below this level)
Comment by sammy
2008-11-11 07:12:08

You got that from Ray Bradbury. I don’t know which book but I do know that I love that book and I love Ray Bradbury. Also, I will have experienced LSD for myself soon enough but until then I can’t judge anything that is said about it.

Comment by Jack
2008-04-07 20:37:59

Maybe your “friend” is a bad teacher?

Comment by John
2008-04-07 23:17:49

or maybe he used it abusively

Comment by Daniel Edwards
2008-04-08 04:55:16

To be fair, the person shouldn’t have got fired from his job for something he did 25 years ago. Especially as it was likely to be a one off thing.

Comment by matthew
2008-04-08 06:28:28

I tried LSD four times. Three times were great, the last was — well, while in some ways I grew tremendously from the experience and learned a lot, it was horrible and violent and landed me in restraints for eight hours, with the added gift of occasional full-on and just as dangerous flashbacks years later. I was fully educated about LSD– I had even taken the most advanced course at the Yale Medical School on Neuroscience.

On LSD, one places oneself in a state of extreme flow and opennness– and vulnerability. I thought the drawings of the subject above, around the time of peak, still retain their genius, cubism, expressiveness, and do communicate at least a tiny fraction of a truly opened mind. But whether the subject was traumatized by being stuck in a room with impersonal white coats, whether they have flashbacks, etc.– I’d like to know!

Comment by izzie
2008-09-20 17:29:20

… personally i really like all the drawings.

Comment by lavyMcbot
2008-10-31 09:13:31

thats sucks, me my roommate and my girlfriend all ate some shroomies right as we got to bonnaroo, a music festival one year…. he ended up running off full speed toward the exit thinking the place was a cult, apparently he was tearing all of his cloths and shoes and stuff off and throwing it at people as he was running toward the exit, woke up in his boxers handcuffed to a chair in tennessee sheriffs station lol had a nasty cut that got infected on his foot…. same kid also had a real bad experience with lucy, thought a group of mutual friends were setting him up tricked him into taking it and the po were waiting outside, they were trying to get him to smoke so hed calm down but he thought that was all they needed to bust in and arrest him. some people arent built for it, but he also had alot of traumatic things happen to him around that time and hes the type of person that needs to feel in control, compulsively organized with disorder in his life…. i have always been very lucid on hallucingenics but its good advice not to make any important decisions…
another point, i never understood people who take hallucingenics often in short periods of time, i mean i love the stuff but after i get done with a trip i dont wanna touch it for awhile… takes me a day just to recompose myself and i usually spend another week after that analyzing it, amazing introspection… puts your subconcious right out in the open, and that mfer is smart.


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