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Faces of Meth

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Fergie faces meth past

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Comment by portachi
2008-03-30 15:12:16

First one looks much better when on meth :)

Comment by Tony
2008-05-06 13:51:39

I showed this pictures to my six year old and I am pretty confident that she will think long and hard before she ever does meth. I sicerely hope that I have traumatized her for life. I also showed her a phot of a guy that had been diagnosed with bone

Comment by loco
2008-05-07 08:28:11

isn’t a six year old too little to understand what is meth and why it is bad and so on?

Comment by gruzzon
2008-06-15 14:43:37

until shell try herself and came to understand that you dont change that fast and her mommy is a liar. i guess youll become traumatized yourself. Know why? only understanding, not fear, can keep someone off something long enough.

Comment by Kris
2008-06-14 23:45:53

Wow. Now all you need to do is show your six year old a photo of a decapitated and smushed body of someone who has been killed in a car accident, so maybe they can know the dangers of that too. Im sure you scarred that poor kid for life.

Comment by eh
2008-11-17 10:25:56

its not a bad thing to show our kids the consequences of drugs. drug users are getting younger and younger all the time. kids today arent as sensitive as they used to be. its the same as teaching kids about homosexuals anyways. everything scars kids. seeing a dead cat on the side of the road can change a kid. the world is never pure and you cant hide the ugliness and evil of the world. especially now. isnt a six year old too young to learn about homosexuals?

Comment by person
2010-12-04 09:05:17

why would a six year old be too young to learn about homosexuals? You’re talking like it’s porn, but it’s about love, and a six year old isn’t too young to learn about love right?

Comment by Awesome Face
2011-01-14 13:14:37

shut up faggot. You sick fags are so annoying with your gay propaganda. Actually 6 y old are too young to learn about love and such things ( and esp.Homos). All what kids can know in that age is Love to their parents.

Comment by sot
2011-09-15 23:13:18

Look at this fuckin’ idiot, thinks he’s got everything figured out.

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