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Plants have feelings too. Eat cow

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Comment by Matt Newton
2009-02-06 20:22:34

YES, will do.

Comment by Seth Mattrodon
2009-02-07 10:11:59

Agreed, and will do.

Comment by Tom
2009-02-07 16:10:40

And I heard the cries of a thousand, nay, a million terrified voices, and the angel told me these were the cries of the carrots. For tomorrow Reverend Maynard is the harvest and for the carrots this is their Holocaust. They have a soul, they have a consciousness. Damn you let the rabbits wear glasses! Life feeds on life feed on life feeds on life This is necessary this is necessary…

Comment by Ehjay
2009-04-10 21:04:00

lol tool refrence

Comment by B-man
2009-02-08 02:52:28

That’s why I’m a meatetarian. Do you know how many plants were viciously murdered to make that salad?

Comment by Bimbo Baggins
2009-02-08 20:27:30

I know the artist. Veryyy funny lmao

Comment by Julia
2009-02-08 20:32:42

Tom, tool oh yes, awesome =D sorry i was amused lol, anyway, great picture, i agree like the rest, hillshire farm… Go Meat!

Comment by Randy Burks
2009-02-10 00:40:06

I wander through the produce dept. at my local supermarket. I pause,’was that the plainive whimper of a vegatable upon the block being bought and sold to satiate the hunger of such barbaric creatures?’ NO! NO! NO!—a clear skinned bag of frozen BABBY CARROTS!!!! I kneel and weep openly. Is ther no God? Is– there– no– God? The jolly Green Giant laughs from the side of a can of peas and carrots. The carnage begins.

Comment by go to
2009-02-11 18:17:12

its really cool

Comment by web
2009-07-06 19:43:03

it is mean to eat veggies, it is mean to eat meat, everything has feelings, i solved the problem and cleared my concious and just stopped eating…

Comment by Vibrators
2010-05-26 13:47:35

If i start caring for vegs, then what is left to eat?

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