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NASA UFO footage

This footage is very rare and was hard to find, its from the live STS-48 Nasa feed in 1991.

Above top secret NASA video footage leaked – shows a smaller spacecraft docking with a larger one in Earth’s orbit while someone or something (U.S. military?) tries in vain to shoot them down from below!

A strange looking unidentified object catches the attention of an astronaut taping a feed to ground control…before the video is conveniently cut off and we are redirected to the Mission control room.

“NASA top secret footage”

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Comment by Zeek
2008-05-04 09:20:53

Great Video Clips! I have been following the Nasa UFO cover up for some time now. They are definately hiding something. If you are interested in the NASA UFO cover up I highly recomend picking up a copy of “Evidence – The Case For NASA UFO’s you can get the DVD here – – It’s an excellent eye opening video on this topic!

Comment by Regretful Morning
2008-06-02 21:11:09

Fuckin crazy!

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