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msk says: BTW: nice TV series "better call soul" -
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Reporting on the Mexican Cartel Drug War

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Aaron says: The average man is probably 5' 10" or something but it doesn't matter because those plants are on two sets of risers - making them a little small, actually.
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…while shops are full of ingridients for everything you like

Keith Schofield

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tvc7 says: OMG. that a huge volcano bag. I can see the guy passed out on the left from the last bag HAHAHa.
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Kris says: That was a complete scam. I have NEVER felt those "visuals" when doing drugs. The facts they stated about heroin and cocaine were accurate though. But the "visual experience" was completely fake. I guess it would be difficult to give the visual impression of being on drugs though.. except LSD. That drug would probably be relatively easy to depict.
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[youtube KwKwBVvLc_E nolink]


gruzzon says: the girl herself should be one and only reason not to take anything on date. and reverse - to take apropriate one. or two. or all ten. wheres the girl? whos she?
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all in a says: this is like a whole doctor thesis on the subject. anyway, i just can't understand, whether LSD experiments really raise your kundalini or is this just an illusion, a resemblance?
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