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In Radiohead’s new video for “House of Cards”, no cameras or lights were used. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data.

[youtube 8nTFjVm9sTQ nolink]

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Mike says: This is fantastic.
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[youtube _SGwDhKTrwU nolink]

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deeloresrabbit says: Lol... very nice cases. :)
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Corinne says: LMAO
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The Drum Buddy is a 4 oscillator, light activated, mechanically rotating drum machine and the invention of renowned New Orleans musician, Quintron. One of only 10 produced, Serial #1 from the 2008 New Line Cypress Drum Buddies is now being auctioned on eBay. continue / more

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